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We Love Our Pets

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Greg "Pappy" Papanicolaou 
Owner & Operator

A John Jay High School (Cross River, NY) alumni (2003), Greg is a Certified Public School P.E Teacher as well as a life-long pet owner. Some of his deepest passions are teaching children and young adults, caring for all kinds of animals, and hiking or paddleboarding with his 6 year old lab Harper!


Randyn is also a John Jay High School alumni, and has been working with animals nearly her entire life. Along with caring for a variety of her own pets and reptiles, she also helps manage multiple horse stables around Upper Westchester. Randyn’s passions are her four children (Jake, Connor, Alera & Alvie), riding horses, care & respect for animals across the world, and the Grateful Dead Band!

(Current Availability: All Overnights and Fill-in Walks)



Madison attends North Salem High School as a Junior, and enjoys playing, caring for, and loving animals. Madison's been surrounded by dogs her entire life, and currently living with 3 English Bulldogs. She also cares for a Crested Gecko from time to time. There will be photos and lots of play while she babysits your pets!

(Current Availability: Weekend Overnights)

Harper Lee

If its a trusted confidante and companion you seek, look no further than Harper! Her favorite leisure activities are walking/running, hiking, swimming, chewing on sticks, laying in the sun, and enjoying a cool breeze. Harpers passion is to enjoy some of these activities with people and animals around the world!

(Current Availability: On Life-Long Vacation HAHA!)

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